Bluepharma Industria Farmaceutica S.A.

Bluepharma is a Portuguese pharmaceutical industry prepared to produce solid oral dosage forms, making use of up-to-date techniques and the latest offer in equipment, while also observing the highest demands of the good manufacturing practices.

HightechZentrum Brugg

Highly qualified specialists with in-depth training and many years of experience in leading positions in the industry are acting as consultants for the Hightech Zentrum and are now out and about in the Swiss Canton of Aargau. They are the points of contact and dialog partners for all SMEs that are interested in the latest technology and want to have a frank face-to-face discussion about it.

Acrostak AG

Acrostak AG has the mission to develop and manufacture innovative medical devices which facilitate successful and minimally invasive interventions. The products are specially designed to maximize the outcome of the intervention while leaving minimal footprint on the patient.

Institut für Praxisorientierte Qualifizierung IPQ

IPQ is an association of companies of the chemical-pharmaceutical industry, the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland and proTransfer AG, with the aim of carrying out sector-specific training for specialists and executives. In 2006, the offer was expanded to meet the needs of medical technology, and since 2010 various specialist groups have been working under the IPQ umbrella. The IPQ offers members tailor-made specialist and leadership training, which are adapted to the needs and the number of participants of the companies or participants. It is also possible to meet and exchange expert groups with competent experts.

Microsphere SA

Micro-Sphere S.A. is a contract development and manufacturing organization with specialist expertise in the spray drying of APIs and HPAPIs.


BioTitus s.r.l.

SC Titus & Sons SRL is a private Romanian company involved in research and development of medical devices.