One objective of the Project is to illustrate the industry-driven implementation of the SbD concepts for three polymeric nanobiomaterials:

1) Chitosan

2) PLA

3) PHA

The Guidelines elaborated during the Project implementation will serve as theoretical, generic tool for implementing the SbD concepts, whereas the practical pilot implementation in the three industry case studies  will give a practical approach and will serve as best practice model. The case studies, together with the background information, will serve as knowledge package and offer pathways for innovators to define their specific strategy for future implementation.

The specific case studies will demonstrate specific applications, allowing the ensuing users of those guidelines to follow then step by step, however are enabled to make their own judgment when their own innovation process requires different approaches.

Focused industry driven case studies for nanobiomaterials will showcase a “deep dive” in specific polymeric nanobiomaterials for drug delivery. In those in-depth studies, the specific innovation process will be evaluated and verified under a Safe-by-Design approach to allow establishing consolidated step-by-step procedures for this industry branch.