One of the main goals of the consortium is to develop a knowledge base to implement the SbD approach for nanobiomaterials, with focus on polymeric drug delivery systems.

The project aims to build up an easy accessible knowledge base, disseminate this knowledge and make it accessible by specific training offerings, will be the enabler for European SMEs to fully capture the opportunities of nanobiomaterials, in particular for polymeric drug delivery systems.

Collecting and gaining knowledge are the backbone of innovation, but it is only by creating a real knowledge base, made accessible through dissemination and training, that we can create and sustain the necessary procedures, instruments and tools for the SbD process.

The Consortium aims at building up Knowledge Base, actively disseminate the learnings and provide trainings to help an economic, well-balanced implementation of SbD of nanobiomaterials, with focus on polymercic nanobiomaterials for drug delivery.